Southern Hose

Fittings – Female NPSM

Hose I.D.

Use with Hose Series

Female Fittings


1/2 in LAGR-08 FAR08FS8 0.38 lb
1/2 in LHBK-08 LLBU-08 LLGR-08 SLBU-08 SLGR-08 SLLHBK-08 F08FS8 0.29 lb
1/2 in SHBK-08 SLSHBK-08 FHP08FS8 0.32 lb
3/4 in HABU-12 SAOR-12 FAR12FS12 0.6 lb
3/4 in HPBU-12 SLHPBU-12 SLSPOR-12 SPOR-12 F12FS12 0.52 lb
1 in HABU-16 SAOR-16 FAR16FS16 0.9 lb
1 in HPBU-16 SLHPBU-16 SLSPOR-16 SPOR-16 F16FS16 0.81 lb
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