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PTFE – Mechanical

Tealon TF1570 – Blue

  • Filled with glass microspheres and is suitable for aggressive chemical applications
  • Preferred material for fragile flanges, glass lined equipment or other applications that require higher compressibility

Pressure – 800 PSI
Temperature – 500F

Tealon TF1580 РWhite 

  • Filled with barium sulfate and is suitable for strong caustic fluids and strong acids
  • Suitable for processes where contamination is not tolerated
  • Approved by BAM for oxygen service

Pressure – 1200 PSI
Temperature – 500F

Tealon TF1590 – Fawn

  • Filled with silica and meets a wide range of applications
  • Suitable for general service, strong acids and moderate caustic solutions
  • Meets FDA conformance for service within food and pharmaceutical applications

Pressure – 1200 PSI
Temperature – 500F

TF1572 San – Restructured PTFE and Glass Spheres – Blue

  • Suitable for service with wide variety of aggressive media, but specifically formulated to allow compliance for drinking water system components with NSF-61
  • High compressibility makes it suitable for use with stress sensitive and/or fragile flanged joints
  • Strong dielectric rating, making it suitable for isolation kit applications

Pressure – 800 PSI
Temperature – 500F

NA 1550 – Mechanical PTFE – White

  • High molecular weight polymer and one of the most versatile plastics
  • Can handle virtually all chemicals in the 0-14 pH range with exception of molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine

Pressure – MAWP – 2400 PSI
Temperature – 500F

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