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Ring Joint

  • Typical applications is the “Christmas Tree” in oil fields
  • The seal is obtained in a line of contact by a wedge action with high seating pressures, thus forcing the gasket material to flow
  • The small sealing area with high contact pressure results in great reliability

RJ Materials

Soft Iron – 56 Hardness
Carbon Steel – 68 Hardness
AISI 502 – 72 Hardness
AISI 410 – 86 Hardness
AISI 304 – 83 Hardness
AISI 316 – 83 Hardness
AISI 347 – 83 Hardness
Monel – 70 Hardness
Inconel 625 – 68 Hardness
F11 – 68 Hardness

Style 950

  • Frequently referred to as oval ring

Style 951

  • Octagonal section
  • Better sealing performance than Style 950
  • Recommended for new applications

Style 952 BX

  • Square cross section with bevelled corners
  • Designed for use only in flanges API 6BX
  • Recommend for pressures from 5000 PSI to 20000 PSI

Style 953 RX

  • Pressure activated gasket
  • Shape is designed to use the fluid pressure to increase the sealability
  • The outside sealing surface of the gasket makes the initial contact with the flange seating the gasket
  • As internal pressure of the piping or equipment is increased, the contact pressure between the gasket and flanges also increase due to the shape of the gasket
  • Resistant to vibrations, pressure surges and shocks that occur during oil well drilling
  • RX is interchangeable with style 950 and 951, using the same flange grooving
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